How did Jesus get his name?


Why did Jesus get that name? Have you ever thought about it?

You might say: That's obvious, this name was best for His mother and Joseph. I also think that it felt very nice to both of them. In any case, many Hebrew children at that time wore this name - Jesus. But the Holy Scripture give us another reason why Jesus got that name. Here Josef plays a significant role.

For Joseph it was clear: Mary was to become his wife. They were even engaged. Soon the wedding was to take place and Maria would move to Josef's house. But, according to the Holy Apostle Matthew, Joseph discovered something that completely shook him. Maria was expecting a child. She was pregnant before she was to come to Josef's house. And Joseph was wondering what people would say about him and Maria if they noticed. He thought about what to do. He could not and did not want to say something bad to Mary, to hurt her. Therefore, he decided to secretly release Maria, to give her back to her family.

When Joseph thought about it, especially about the child who grew up in Mary's belly, he dreamed an unusual dream: an angel of God came to him and spoke with him. Josef could hear very clearly: "Josef, do not be afraid of what people are going to talk about. Take Maria for your wife. The child she carries in her belly is a special child. The Holy Spirit and His power are at work here. Mary will give birth to a son and you will give Him the name Jesus, for He will be of help to all the people and He will deliver them from their sins ".

When Josef woke up, he knew what he had to do. He personally did not want this child. But God wanted it. And God needed Joseph because of Mary, because of the child. Joseph agreed with this plan of God. He did not resist being exploited by God, being God's hand tool. Therefore, he takes the pregnant Maria to his home and declares her to his wife. He did not have to worry about the name of the child. The name was already determined. His name will be Jesus, and that name means, "God saves, God will help."

Later, when Christians were thinking about Jesus and His name, they joyfully said, "Jesus, that was the true name for Him, for He brought to man the help of God and the salvation of God, saving them from their sins."

"In Jesus," said the Christians, "the prophecy from the book of Isaiah was fulfilled: 'Behold, the girl will become pregnant and give birth to a son, and she will give him the name Emanuel'. Emanuel - that means God is with us.

"God is with us" - is this not the meaning of the name Jesus?

"God is with us - you should know peoples and submit to Him - for God is with us!"

Protopresbyter-stavrofor Dusan M. Kolundzic

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