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Love Orthodox is a platform that works like any community. All participants have one thing in common - the values ??of Orthodoxy. In addition, for all participants and members of Love Orthodox, love is the cornerstone of life. As a result, the mutual respect and dignity of the members of Love Orthodox are key to the success of our community.


In order to effortlessly use our platform, we have a few tips for each participant:


Patience and faith

1. The search and the choice of the partner for marriage, that is, for life, is not a thing that can be done quickly. Take your time and have patience. The matching of Love Orthodox offers a selection of interesting people who represent similar values ??and views as you. Nevertheless, the match might not be the ONE for you. Therefore, do not lose patience, have hope and trust in God.


Self-estimation and truth

2. The self-presentation in your profile should be true and correspond to the reality. Neither you nor other participants gain anything when a profile does not reflect the true image about a person. Do not be too critical or naive when describing your weaknesses and strengths. Finding a suitable partner for life is only possible if you remain true to yourself!


Make a picture of yourself

3. The profile photo should definitely show you and not someone else on the internet. Choose a photo that shows you in a natural way and that leaves no artificial impression. Perhaps a good friend can help you in choosing or creating the photo. Friends often look more realistic at us, than we do ourselves.


Respect and cultivated language

4. As in real life, a respectful approach and cultivated language should also be used in the virtual world. In addition, one should also allow time in the email communication and gradually open up to others. Even if we live in a stressful time, we should still take the time to respond to emails in a concentrated way. In order to make sure you do not make mistakes when you first meet, we have posted some important and useful hints in the security section (here is the link).


Out of place

5. Love Orthodox, tries to ensure the seriousness of the platform through a thorough examination of all participants. Nevertheless, it might happen that people will misuse the platform and will not comply with the rules of our community. Please let us know immediately, if someone is conspicuous or makes unusual inquiries or even criminal suggestions.


Finally the most important thing - the communication with God

6. Without God's help and support, we cannot achieve anything in life. Therefore, it is necessary that you do not underestimate the power of prayer and regularly pray to God, the God-bearer, and the saints. God only helps those who turn to Him with open hearts and in faith. For an Orthodox person, therefore, the visit of the Holy Liturgy is the best way to get closer to God.

We wish you God´s blessing and good luck in finding the spouse for life!
Your Love Orthodox Team

P. S .: If Love Orthodox has successfully helped you in the search of the partner for life, we would be very happy to hear about it. Send us a picture and a short message!