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How to overcome loneliness?

The problem of today

A large number of people have a problem of loneliness which is often constant and overbearing. It is most commonly expressed as depression because of alienation and abandonment or lack of close-knit relationships with other people.

The main reasons behind this feeling are mostly subjective. Someone starts feeling loneliness because he or she does not have sufficient number of friends and the type of relationship to his or her liking while others experience it due to the fact that they cannot find the person that suits them well.

Being alone sometimes is a period of thorough and good work on oneself. That is when a person matures and improves.

What to do when that is not the case? When the feeling of loneliness which stifles a person and undermines the quality of life last long?

That is when a person needs to step out of his or her comfort zone and significantly change the circumstances, for example to initiate an active search for a matching person.

Solitude and loneliness

Loneliness represents a time for self-realization, occasional isolation which does not have to be negative. Solitude can sometimes be healing and stimulating, as is loneliness, after all, when experienced to a small degree. Loneliness has a negative quality because the person suffers from loneliness. Loneliness always lasts for a long time regardless of real time. Somebody will say, "I've been alone for two years and that really bothered me." A person feels that the flow of time is slowed down in moments when he or she is lonely and contributes to a poor mental state. In order to change something a bit, it is necessary to gather strength and choose an adequate way of dealing with a negative feeling. If a person wants to beat loneliness, it is necessary to analyze their feelings and to clearly know where they come from. Then need to figure out an appropriate way to solve the problem. The need for a person which is close to us is primal and does not need to be opposed or ignored.

Everyone is taken or inadequate

We live in the fastest epoch in human history, and we are exposed to a large number of innovations for which we have no experience of ancestors that would be our point of view.

Extended working hours, altered roles of men and women, increased consumption of material goods are some of these novelties. When a lonely person tries to search for a soul mate in his or her surroundings, they inevitably encounter a series of problems. The way of life put the material values at the forefront at the expense of spirit and tradition. Places to go out, where people could spontaneously connect, have changed and dedicated to superficiality. Friends are often the source of new acquaintances, but not always enough. Especially in smaller communities where everyone knows each other. New acquaintances, or potential partners, should satisfy a set of criteria to make the relationship possible. Friends who introduce them mostly do not know enough about it to make the result good.

Matching website

In the Internet era there is a possibility for an adequate solution for loneliness in both sexes. On the Internet, you can find a number of sites that deal with matching people in different ways. A website for matching partners is an ideal way to discretely meet new people from the comfort of your home. The website Love Orthodox gives you the possibility to connect with people who share the same world view as you. Orientation towards Orthodox Church is a guide for potential emotional partners which facilitates the search. Orthodoxy with its purity and true values encourages people in finding the right path and the right person. With faith and love for person, he or she rises from weakness and merges with another person. Believing in honesty intentions, we have created a site that allows you to easily connect people who experience loneliness. Matching website is user friendly and very practical. Find more about it on our blog.