This is how The Love Orthodox Website works!


After logging into your personal user account from the homepage of Love Orthodox, you will see the latest dates and publications in the various discussion forums at a glance. In addition, the "birthday list" appears, where you can see whose birthday it is. If you want to congratulate the person, just click on his picture and write a message on his personal profile. New members of Love Orthodox are also displayed on this page. This way, you can easily track the events and the news at a glance.


The profile and the profile picture give you the opportunity present yourself to the other participants. You can, of course, change or exchange the data and images you enter or upload at any time. Your anonymity is completely protected by your personally chosen username.

As a member of the Orthodox Community, you can review the profiles of the other participants and contact them, depending on the interest. The platform of Love Orthodox offers you the opportunity to meet interesting people, win new friends and, with God's help, find the spouse for life.

Liebe Orthodox or Love Orthodox, are currently available in the German and English versions, additional language versions are planned for the future.

Matching Test

The Matching of Love Orthodox is based on questions that are borne by the content of the Orthodox doctrine and tradition. The basic principle of matching questions is to filter out basic similarities between you and the other participants. This test is not scientifically justified because we do not believe that people can be brought together on the basis of scientific methods. God himself ultimately brings people together, the Platform Love Orthodox offers a separate space in which people can get to know each other. Therefore, the questions of the matching test ask basic attitudes, which are also experienced in "traditional" learning.

For these reasons, you should fill out the questions in silence and save them. An honest response to the questions can spare you from misunderstandings with other participants.

After saving the matching test, you must activate it. If you want to find members through the Love Orthodox search function, you can arrange the results according to the degree similarity from the matching test.

P.O. Box

If you want to get in touch with a member of the Love Orthodox Community, you can do this easily and anonymously through the Love Orthodox Online Mailbox. The Love Orthodox Mailbox allows you to exchange messages with the other members in a comfortable and discreet way.

Discussion Forum

The forum offers each member the opportunity to post their own contributions to different topics or to get the opinion of the other members. The individual discussion forums can also be used as a source of knowledge, as there are often very interesting contributions to be read.

If you are interested in a topic yourself and would like to discuss it with other members, you can always create a new discussion topic. You can also be notified when new topics or posts are posted. Discuss with regularity, this will allow you to also meet new people.


The calendar of events of the platform Love Orthodox, informs all members about interesting events, events and travels intended for Orthodox people.

Every member can announce events and events that are relevant to the other members. However, these events may not violate our general terms and conditions.

Love Orthodox, organizes single trips to orthodox countries, places where one can experience spiritually and meet with nice people.

Search Function

The search function of our platform gives you the opportunity to find interesting people according to specific criteria. You can select from the age, place of residence and perimeter in kilometers, up to the education level and the leisure activities, which you can query via the keyword search. You can search in English and German.

If you have found profiles, you can sort them by their age, matching matches, or the last login. You can see a lot of information about the individual person from the individual profile sheets. If you find someone interesting, you have the possibility to add this profile to the Bookmarks. The Love Orthodox Mailbox will then allow you to contact the respective member anonymously. Be active, because God only helps those who are concerned about their life and their soul!

"Like" Function

If you find someone interesting, you can inform that person with the "like" function discreetly. If both of you “like” each others profile, you already have an excellent base for the first contact.

If you find a member interesting, go to his profile and click on the "Like" button. As soon as the other member clicks the "Like" button on your profile, you will be informed about the mutual interest. If the person who is interesting to you does not click on the button "Like" on your profile, this person does not know that you have shown interest. This means that only those who have given each other a "Like" will be notified.

Love Orthodox or Liebe Orthodox - the global orthodoxy

Our platform for Orthodox people is currently available in two versions - for the German-speaking world and for all people who understand English.

All members have the possibility to enter their profile data in two languages (German and English), which grants the opportunity to get to know Orthodox people all over the world.

If you have met a member who speaks your mother tongue, you can of course communicate in your mother tongue.

The team of Love Orthodox / Liebe Orthodox currently offers the members the opportunity to communicate with the team in German, English, Russian and Serbian.

The Team of Love Orthodox is looking forward to seeing you and wishes you blessings for the goal of finding the spouse for life!