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Soulmates in the Digital Era

The Information Age, or the Digital Era, is maybe the perfect period for soulmates. Why is that, one might ask. Well, since the Information Age marks a sudden shift from traditional industries to digital ones through the process of computerization, people are able to find their perfect match online in just a couple of simple and easy steps. Up until now, we have been confined to our village, city, country or continent when it came to meeting new people and finding a potential soulmate with whom we will spend the rest of our life. However, now, with the help of the Internet and websites that are specialized in matching people, you are sure to find someone that you can envision yourself spending the life with.

Story of soulmates

Even though some people do not believe in the concept of soulmates, consider the following excerpt from the Book of Tobias a book of scripture that is part of the Orthodox biblical canon:

"One of the seven [Arch]angels who enter and serve before the Glory of the Lord," (Tob. 12:15) said to Tobiah of Sarah: "Your marriage to her has been decided in heaven!" (Tob. 6:18).

According to this, we may believe that there are in fact such things as soulmates, or people that were in a way destined “from above” or “decided in heaven” to find one another and enter into marriage.

Finding your soulmate

If we were to believe the aforementioned statement, which may be interpreted as a metaphor for soulmates, that means that somewhere in this wide world, there is a person that fits our life and personality perfectly. But, if that is true, many people spend their whole life in pursuit of that person and fail in the end.

Up until now, finding that perfect person that fits you has not been easy at all. As we have already mentioned, people were confined to a certain location from which they were supposed to find their soulmate.

However, with the appearance of the Internet, you are able to contact people from all corners of the globe and have a casual chat with them while not being physically present near them. Such possibilities have created new opportunities for those seeking true love and a perfect partner with whom they can spend their future enjoying each and every day. Those are the soulmates of the Digital Era.