Safety and Technical notes

Love Orthodox, is a platform that gives you the opportunity to find the partner for life in a safe and serious environment. With the participation and attentiveness of our members, we can be even better. What you should look out for, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, can be found in our safety tips and technical notes:

Infatuation often blinds

If one is alone, and that perhaps over a longer period of time, one is often prone to fall into fast-growing infatuation. Try to enjoy this feeling consciously and controlled. To find the partner for life, you must not confuse Love and Lust. For true Love, it takes time, openness, honesty and patience. Therefore avoid hasty and dramatic decisions. The excitement and the fire of infatuation does not correspond to the depth of love. The true feelings are quiet, modest, and imperceptible.

Be careful with money issues

In principle, you should not transfer or send money to anyone you met in the Internet! If you are asked for money on the Internet or via email, it is usually a fraud. Do not be blinded by your infatuation, because the stories behind such a request are often misleading and false.

Protect your privacy

Getting to know a person on the Internet or through the internal mailing system of Love Orthodox should be approached slowly and step by step. Giving out your private contact information, such as phone, Facebook, Skype or private mail, should be avoided. Of course, we want an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, but you should reveal your privacy slowly, deliberately and step by step.

The first date and other meetings

In principle, an orthodox man or an orthodox woman should not take a stranger home on the first date, or accept an invitation to a stranger’s house, Love takes time and confidence. Added to this, are safety-relevant aspects, as we often know too little about the other. Therefore, meet in neutral places and avoid the consumption of alcohol, because it can cloud your perception. Come to the date and go home separately, to best protect your private address and privacy. You should take this approach to heart as long as a basic trust is built, even if it needs many dates.

If a date does not go according to your desire or you feel that the person is not the one you were looking for, you should openly and honestly address this. Both should accept this truth and respect the feelings of the other. A failed date is not a disaster, life always offers new opportunities. With God's help and prayer, true Love will be found!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns
If, on the basis of the above safety instructions, a participant is suspicious or even deliberately offended, we ask you to report this to us directly, at

Pictures and user names

When you create the user name, you should remember that it is visible to everyone. Therefore, do not use spaces and avoid your correct first and last name!

When uploading the profile photos, pay attention to the resolution and sharpness of the images. Blurred images cannot be accepted as profile images. In addition, you should only use square images, otherwise parts of the image will be trimmed when fitted.

We wish you all blessings and good luck in finding the spouse and spouse for life!
Your Love Orthodox team