The three most important characteristics of love


The Holy Bishop Nikolai explains how we can recognize what love is (not)

Nikolaj Velimirović was a bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Christian theologian and national ideologue. In many books he has left us many lessons on how to be more comfortable with ourselves, how to walk more upright, and how to differentiate the right from the wrong way, to be better people and Christians. The Serbian Orthodox Church canonized him as a saint in 2003 and from then on, he is revered as Saint Nikolai of Ohrid. Thus, following Saint Bishop Nikolai, one can recognize the only true love: "Those, who does not have patience with us, when we make mistakes, does not love us. Even the one who does not forgive us, does not love us. Patience, forgiveness, and joy are the three most important attributes of Divine Love. These are also the characteristics of every true love - if there is any love except the Divine. Without these three characteristics, love is not love. And if you call anything else love, you do as you do when you call a goat or pig a sheep. " And here are the three most important virtues of man: "The three most important virtues are faith, hope and love. The belief in God. The hope of eternal life. The love of the Creator and the creatures. We need faith in order to hope, hope to live, and love to live as a cultured people. "