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What are the membership costs?

Why is our platform only for Orthodox Christians?

For many people, traditional values and religious beliefs are becoming more and more important because they have noticed that in times of instability and insecurity, faith and belonging to the Church are a firm and stable anchor point.

Marital happiness and the family's continuity have, according to numerous experiences, a higher probability of success if the partners have a common religious and confessional basis.

The permanence of a marriage, usually to death, depends above all on whether husband and wife remain authentic in their personality. This means that neither of them must make a fundamental compromise for the sake of marriage, which sooner or later is hard on the soul. To sacrifice confession and identity for the partner can lead to internal discords and frustrations in the long term.

For this reason, we want to give a platform to those Orthodox Christians who feel like this and to whom faith is important, to find love for life in this environment.

If the affiliation to the Orthodox Church and its value propositions are not important, we recommend ways outside of our platform for partner search.

What does the Platform Love Orthodox intend to achieve?

If we follow the parable of the talents (?t 25, 14-30), all human beings are called upon to use their possibilities given by God. Thus, we can only hope for the help of God and His reward, if we strive with all our strength and devotion.

The search for the spouse for life is the same. Only if we walk through life with an open heart and with our authentic personality traits, that is, not to obscure or close ourselves, we will find the partner for life in marriage with God's help.

The Platform Love Orthodox would like to provide a supplementary opportunity, in addition to all other areas in life, where people can find themselves, when they approach each other honestly and without fear.

Only those who use all their possibilities, God will reward!

Should one look for the partner for life on the Internet, if one is orthodox?

God has given man the ability to shape the world and to be creative. Man has discovered and created many things in the last centuries. Many of these achievements can be used today for the salvation of humanity or against mankind.

The Internet can be used worldwide to help communicated more quickly. It offers the possibility to connect with other people, regardless of their location.

The Internet is an addition to the usual contact possibilities and is also used by the Orthodox Church.
Love Orthodox, therefore, offers a professional, serious and high-quality platform for those Orthodox Christians who are looking for a safe and exciting way to find love for life.

What about my anonymity?

Each new member that registers and fills out the profile sheet can have their own user name. With this user name, you will be visible to the other members.

If you would like to get in touch with someone, or be contacted by another member, always use your internal mailbox for this communication. This way you remain anonymous and prevent private data, as well as your e-mail address, to be known by third parties or unauthorized persons.

The data collected by Love Orthodox is intended solely for the safety of all participants and will not be passed on to third parties. More information on data protection can be found here. (Link to the privacy section).

The transmission of personal data and the abandonment of anonymity is up to each participant. Useful tips can be found here. (Link with the heading "Safety tips").

Why is the platform Love Orthodox fee-based?

Love Orthodox, is a professional and serious platform that offers the participants the highest level of security and personal support.

The technical and content management, as well as advertising and marketing, are for the support for all the participants to find their partner for life..

All these activities cannot be carried out at no cost, so the platform is financed through the membership fee.

The membership fee also prevents the people who do not have serious intentions or are only looking for temporary fun from registering.

How much does the platform cost?

The participation fee is € 17.00 per month if you choose a monthly payment method by bank collection.
The other membership packages are as follows:

Participation for 3 months: 47,00 € (saving 7,8%)
Participation for 6 months: 87,00 € (saving 14,7%)
Participation for 12 months: 164.00 € (saving 19.6%)

The membership is automatically renewed if the participant does not terminate the membership. More information can be found in the terms and conditions. (Link to the terms and conditions).

The user profile is stored for 12 months after expiration of the respective membership. During this period, a paid participation can be accepted without additional effort. If a member wishes that the user profile is deleted immediately after expiration of the membership, then you can send a request to info@loveorthodox.org.

What are the conditions for participation at Love Orthodox?

All persons are entitled to participate, who

- are at least 18 years old,
- belong to one of the orthodox local churches worldwide (example: Russian Orthodox, Serbian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, etc.)
- accept the general terms and conditions.

Are there any particular rules to be followed at Love Orthodox?

In the case of Love Orthodox the name reflects the aim! We want to cultivate a loving relationship in the community. For each participant, please refer to the "Community Rules" section. (Link to common rules).

How to contact the Love Orthodox team?

You can contact the team members or send inquiries via our contact form. (Link to contact).

If I do not want to extend, do I have to cancel?

Membership in Love Orthodox is extended automatically, which allows the participant comfortably to stay in the community without great effort if the right partner or partner is not found. If you no longer wish to extend your membership, you can unsubscribe by email, at least two weeks before expiration of the membership. After termination, you remain a passive member for 12 months and can still receive messages but no longer send messages.

For more details on the participation regulations, please refer to the terms and conditions.

Can messages be deleted in the Inbox?

You cannot delete individual messages in your Inbox. All conversations can be hidden, however, by scrolling down all the conversations and clicking "Hide messages".

How can I set up that the "passive" members no longer appear in my search?

Sort the search results after the last login, this will place the passive members at the back. Passive members can receive messages but cannot respond.

Can I block a user?

You can block another user by scrolling down to the bottom of the inbox in your Inbox and clicking "Lock User". The user is then locked. If you want to unlock the lock again, please go to the start page and click on your user name in the upper right corner. There appears "Locked users" on the left. When you click there, you can resolve the locks again.

The locked user can no longer write to you and cannot see your profile anymore, just as you cannot write him anymore and cannot see his profile.

How do I delete my profile?

To delete your profile, please log in and click on your user name in the top right corner. On the left is "My Account" and "Disable Account". Click Disable Account. Now you have the option to specify a deactivation reason and leave a message to us. Then click on the "Disable" button at the bottom of the screen. This means that you will no longer be found on the Love Orthodox site. If you change your mind one day, you can reactivate your account by logging in and following the steps indicated. For irrevocable deletion, please contact our support. You can, however, consider this in peace, since you no longer appear at Love Orthodox due to deactivation.