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Love Orthodox, rewards a true love story!
What are the membership costs?

Love Orthodox is not a faceless and non-transparent computer program, where the people behind it are not tangible.

Our platform is subject to a membership fee, but each participant can be assured that he is in professional and secure hands.

We examine each request individually and try to immediately sort out unserious participants, who enter incorrect data or pictures into the profile.

In addition, to our intensive customer support, we offer those who have opted for a yearly membership, the opportunity to have a personal talk with our expert team about love, marriage and family. This call usually takes 45 minutes, it will be arranged by e-mail and is held by the traditional means of communications (e.g. Skype). Of course, this conversation and its content is treated with absolute confidentiality.

The Love Orthodox team strives to create the platform for all participants as a large community in which one feels safe and secure. We want all participants to deal with each other in love. Therefore, we are moving forward with the best example!

We look forward to hearing from you, and are open to all topics related to marriage, love and family.

Your Love Orthodox team