How to overcome loneliness?

[16.02.2018] How to overcome loneliness?
[15.01.2017] She is looking for him to marry
[27.11.2017] A new way to meet people and get married
[02.11.2017] Love website for future marriage
[10.09.2017] Personal ads and how to find the perfect match
[30.08.2017] The Perfect Matching Website for Orthodox Christians
[20.08.2017] Soulmates in the Digital Era

The problem of today

A large number of people have a problem of loneliness which is often constant and overbearing. It is most commonly expressed as depression because of alienation and abandonment or lack of close-knit relationships with other people. The main reasons behind this feeling are mostly subjective. Someone starts feeling loneliness because he or she does not have sufficient number of friends and the type of relationship to his or her liking while others experience it due to the fact that they cannot find the person that suits them well...more

She is looking for him to marry

As the Internet and social networks are more and more evolving and spreading in the world, as well as in Serbia, there is a greater chance that you might run into advertisements where she seeks him to marry or he seeks her to marry.

Even though you can still find those advertisements in publications specialized for various types of advertisements, even on TV, the Internet and new technologies and platforms are, simply, currently offering more user-friendly, efficient and reliable ways to find your perfect match, your spouse...more

A new way to meet people and get married

Meeting people in order to get married has been around as long as humans themselves but with the great advancement of technology and a true digital revolution it has gained a completely new dimension. Namely, in the beginning people met directly or on the recommendation of a friend. After the invention of the printing press and the establishment of the first newspapers, the two could, in addition to traditional meetings at parties and similar gatherings, get acquainted in a manner such as personal ads. However, with the advent of computers and the Internet, people were given the opportunity to meet a potential partner who not only does not live in their city or state, but also on a completely different continent...more

Love website for future marriage

Finding a good love website which guarantees anonymity and where information about you will be completely safe is not easy. The development of the Internet and rapid through the digital age has brought about many advantages that have made our everyday lives easier, however, there are certain disadvantages and danger as well...more

Personal ads and how to find the perfect match

Personal ads have been around since the advent of newspaper and similar means of reaching the wider audience. People wanted to know the latest news and events happening around them or in some far part of the globe, but were also interested in offers that others made via newspapers. Thus personal ads or personal advertisement was born…more

The Perfect Matching Website for Orthodox Christians

Love Orthodox is the perfect matching website for Orthodox Christians because it offers all Orthodox singles the opportunity to find a potential spouse who shares the same values. In particular, those Orthodox Christians who live in the diaspora. In today’s fast-paced world people are barely getting any personal time due to numerous responsibilities. Eight, ten or even twelve hour jobs, working overtime, working from home, doing some work on the side in order to earn extra money and many more have an increasingly negative impact on one’s personal life...more

Soulmates in the Digital Era

The Information Age, or the Digital Era, is maybe the perfect period for soulmates. Why is that, one might ask. Well, since the Information Age marks a sudden shift from traditional industries to digital ones through the process of computerization, people are able to find their perfect match online in just a couple of simple and easy steps. Up until now, we have been confined to our village, city, country or continent when it came to meeting new people and finding a potential soulmate with whom we will spend the rest of our life. However, now, with the help of the Internet and websites that are specialized in matching people, you are sure to find someone that you can envision yourself spending the life with...more