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Personal ads and how to find the perfect match

Personal ads have been around since the advent of newspaper and similar means of reaching the wider audience. People wanted to know the latest news and events happening around them or in some far part of the globe, but were also interested in offers that others made via newspapers. Thus personal ads or personal advertisement was born.

What are personal ads?

Personal ads are similar to classified ads but, as the name suggests, are more personal in nature. With the rapid advancements in technology in the last couple of decades and the Digital Revolution, the World Wide Web has also become a common medium for personal ads, commonly referred to as online dating. Personal ads are generally aimed at establishing new friendships, romance or even entering into marriage. They usually include a basic description of the person posting it with additional info like interests etc.

Downside to personal ads

Even though Internet personal advertisements have gained massive popularity in the last couple of years because almost all communication is nowadays done online, people seeking something more serious like marriage haven’t had much success in their endeavors. Today, personal ads are generally a quick and efficient way to strike up a friendship or a short-lasting romance.

Perfect solution

As we have mentioned a couple of lines above, people like Orthodox Christians have had a hard time finding that perfect someone to spend the rest of their life with. Most online dating websites are not aimed towards them. However, there is a new website that suits their needs perfectly.

It is in fact Love Orthodox, an online platform that offers all Orthodox singles, especially the ones living in the diaspora, the opportunity to find a potential spouse who shares the same values. This simple and professional-run platform offers security and anonymity, as well as matching test that will go a long way in helping Orthodox Christians to find the perfect partner and spouse because, in the words of great Holy Bishop Nikolaj (Velimirovic) “Love is never alone. Love cannot be alone.”

At Love Orthodox, you will be able to see personal ads of people looking for a spouse, easily get in touch with them and even get a reward if you marry a person with the help of this great platform.