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About Love Orthodox
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Love Orthodox, rewards a true love story!
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Today, we live in a society where social contacts are increasingly moving into the world of the Internet. The fast pace of work, but also in private life, makes it increasingly difficult for a person to find a spouse for life. If one is also orthodox and eager to find a spouse who shares the same attitudes and beliefs, the search becomes even more difficult.

Internet search as a new opportunity

LOVE ORTHODOX, would like to offer all Orthodox singles the opportunity to find a potential spouse who shares the same values. In particular, those Orthodox Christians who live in the diaspora, often have the desire, but no possibility, to find an orthodox partner. But also for those living in Orthodox countries, our platform can bring a new opportunity to find the right partner, the love for life.

Why Love Orthodox?

We offer…

  • A simple but exciting platform.
  • For members: read profiles, contact other participants, interesting forums, exclusive travels and events offers.
  • A matching test based on Christian orthodox values ??and attitudes.
  • Anonymity and security for the members (own mailbox and self-chosen user name).
  • Transparency and seriousness of the team.
  • Personal advice.
  • A rewards after a wedding which was facilitated through the portal.
  • A possibility to get to know orthodox singles from all over the world (profiles can be created in German and English).

Help yourself and God will help you!

Trust yourself and give your life a new swing. If you are on your way with an open heart and firm faith to find your happiness for life, the blessing of God is certain.

God rewards the courageous, so be without fear and full of God's trust.

Your prayer and an open heart will lead you to your goal!