Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions for the use of LOVEORTHODOX.ORG

Status 9th March 2017

The following terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between Love Orthodox (the contractual partner is the society Liebe Orthodox, Stiftgasse 15/28, 1070 Vienna, Austria) and its members.
Persons who are under 18 years of age are not allowed to use this offer. The use of the offer of Love Orthodox for commercial purposes is also not allowed.

The terms and conditions stated in the General Terms and Conditions apply to all activity areas of Love Orthodox. The offers of Love Orthodox with the members, are exclusively based on the general terms and conditions.

Love Orthodox points out that activities, events and travels advertised by external suppliers and organizers are not performed by Love Orthodox. These advertised events are carried out according to the general terms and conditions of the respective organizers, which must be observed separately by each participant. Love Orthodox therefore excludes all liability for externally advertised events and travels.

1. Subject matter of the membership contract 

1.1 Love Orthodox offers its members an online offer, which offers a communication platform exclusively for Orthodox Christians and which enables a common understanding of the Orthodox Faith. The offer includes paid membership.

1.2 The communication takes place on the Internet via the server of Love Orthodox, which offers a search function, online mailboxes and an online discussion possibility.

2. Participation Agreement / Access

2.1 The access to the Love Orthodox portal requires registration. To do this, the member must upload a personal picture and fill out the registration questionnaire truthfully.

2.2 The prerequisite for participation at Love Orthodox is the conclusion of a membership contract on the basis of the General Terms and Conditions.

2.3 By submitting the application for membership at Love Orthodox, a binding acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Business is made. The activation of the membership account will enforce the contract between the member and Love Orthodox.

2.4 The member shall be informed of the content of the chargeable offer, the membership fee and the terms of payment prior to the conclusion of a contractual mdembership. By clicking on the "Buy" button, the member declares that he wishes to conclude a membership contract for the offer he chooses.

2.5 All persons who are members of the Orthodox Church are entitled to participate. Participation is restricted to persons over 18 years of age. By completing and submitting forms (exclusively online), the participant submits an offer to conclude a membership contract. Only with the publication of the data desired by the member on the Internet pages of Love Orthodox and the release of the full scope of the membership offer, Love Orthodox declares the acceptance and thus the conclusion of the membership contract.

2.6 In order for a valid membership to be established, the personal data must be registered truthfully, a violation of this article can lead to exclusion and blocking to Love Orthodox.

2.7 The full scope of offer shall be released upon receipt of membership payment of the member and for the period of time paid. Until then, a contract of membership cannot be concluded and Love Orthodox is free of any obligation to perform.

2.8 The membership contract, which is payable, is automatically extended to the contractually agreed term, if the member does not terminate his / her membership contract properly, two weeks before expiry of the term. The member will be informed about the duration of the contract, the date of the contract and the duration of the renewal, if the termination contract is not concluded for the first time. Love Orthodox shall inform the member by e-mail of the automatic renewal of the contract, which will take effect in the event of failure by the member to terminate the contract in due time.

2.9 Cancellation before expiry of the agreed term is not possible, provided that no breach of the terms and conditions of the General Terms and Conditions of Business is established. In this case, Love Orthodox reserves the right to premature termination. The membership fee will not be refunded if membership is prematurely terminated.

3. Payments and membership fees

3.1. All offers of Love Orthodox, the memebership fee, as well as possible perks and discounts refer to the currently valid membership fee lists.

3.2. Membership fees are always collected in advance for the respective membership contract period. The acceptance of payments by means of a credit card or other forms of payment offered is always only made for the sake of fulfillment. Costs for repatriation in the collection procedure shall be borne by the member. The same applies to costs resulting from a refusal of payment by credit card companies or other payment providers (e.g. PayPal).

3.3. The member is entitled to offset only if the counterclaim is undisputed or legally established.

4. Responsibility of members and terms of use

4.1 The member is solely responsible for the content of his registration and thus for the information he provides about himself. The member assures that the given data correspond to the truth and describe him personally. Intentional and/or fraudulent intentions may result in civil legal action. Therefore, Love Orthodox reserves the right, but is not obligated to check all the particulars of the members for their correctness.

4.2 Insults, sexually explicit content, violence, threatening, discriminatory or grossly offensive statements, or representations related to race, gender, nationality, disability, age, etc., or otherwise offensive content is not permitted. This also applies to links which are published by the members, which refer to Internet pages with relevant content. Such an infringement may lead to the deletion of the member account, in which case the member is not entitled to repayment of his membership fees.

4.3 The Love Orthodox portal is generally operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with an estimated availability of 95 to 99.00% per year. Exceptions to operational capacity are downtime due to maintenance and software updates, as well as periods during which the portal is not on the Internet due to technical or other difficulties that are not within the sphere of influence of Love Orthodox (e.g. force majeure, fault of third parties, etc.) is accessible. The offer of Love Orthodox is fully usable if the participant uses the latest (browser) technologies or allows them to be used on his terminal (for example, activation of Java script, cookies, pop-ups). When using older or non-frequent computer technologies, the participant may use the services provided by Love Orthodox with restrictions.

4.4 The member hereby confirms that he uses the service provided by Love Orthodox only for private purposes, does not pursue professional projects and does not use the data entrusted to him by third parties for business or advertising purposes. The systematic read-out of data from other subscribers (for example, by a software program or by copying) is forbidden to be used outside of the Love Orthodox portal. The use of special software programs that are used to analyze websites, collect e-mail addresses and other information (e.g. bots or web crawlers) is not permitted.

4.5 The member undertakes to treat all e-mails and other messages in an absolutely confidential manner and not pass them on to third parties without the permission of the copyright owner. This also applies to names, telephone and fax numbers, residential, e-mail addresses and / or URLs or other personal data of other members.

4.6 The member also has the duty to refrain from the following actions:
- Uploading damaged files, software viruses or copyrighted programs.
- sending messages to other participants for the purpose of advertising goods or services, as well as sending so-called chain letters.

4.7 Non-observance of the listed behavioral requirements and conditions of use may result in an immediate termination of the membership contract, as well as civil and criminal penalties for the participant. The termination of a membership contract or the blocking of an access, on the basis of the stated conditions, excludes any repayment of payments already made.

5. Liability of Love Orthodox

5.1 Love Orthodox assumes no responsibility for incorrect information in the registration and / or powering questionnaires of the members. This means that Love Orthodox cannot accept any liability for the correctness of the information in the powering questionnaire.

5.2 Love Orthodox is only obligated to provide the IT services, which involve the learning of persons or the mediation of contacts, but not the success. Love Orthodox can therefore not be held liable if no contact occurs within the duration of the contractual relationship.

5.3 Love Orthodox also assumes no liability for the possible misuse of data and information. It is within the scope of the possibility that members of the Love Orthodox -Portal, despite express prohibitions, use this in an illegal or unlawful way. For any such unauthorized or unlawful use, any liability of Love Orthodox is excluded. Love Orthodox is also not responsible for the fact that data and information that the members themselves have passed on to third parties are abused by them.

5.4 Love Orthodox cannot guarantee the unrestricted and uninterrupted serviceability of the platform or the offer. Therefore, Love Orthodox assumes liability for possible disturbances in the quality of the access to the portal due to force majeure or due to events which are not within the sphere of responsibility of Love Orthodox. Furthermore, Love Orthodox assumes no liability for the unauthorized knowledge of third parties' personal data (e.g. by unauthorized hackers entering the database).

6. Communication possibilities

The communication of Love Orthodox to the members takes place either within the portal, after the "Login", or by e-mail. The communication of the members with Love Orthodox is done by e-mail or by post.

7. Copyrights

In the legal relationship to the member, Love Orthodox has the exclusive right to reproduction, distribution, processing and all copyrights, as well as the right to the transmission and reproduction of the website of Love Orthodox, as well as the individual contents contained therein.

8. Jurisdiction and applicable law

Austrian law applies. The court of jurisdiction is Vienna.

9. Other

9.1 If a provision of the membership contract or the GTC is or becomes ineffective or should the membership contract be incomplete, the membership contract shall not be affected in its other contents. In addition, the statutory provisions apply.

9.2 The membership contract language is German.

9.3 The member has the possibility to download the current GTC at any time as a PDF file free of charge.

9.4 When the membership contract is concluded, the member should download and save the current membership contract text at this time, as this is not done automatically by Love Orthodox.

9.5 Love Orthodox assumes no responsibility or liability for events which are not organized by Love Orthodox. Events which fulfill a charitable purpose, provided that they correspond to the values of Love Orthodox, are announced free of charge, with a corresponding mutual linking. Love Orthodox reserves the right to announce events which are subject to charges on the basis of a corresponding consideration.

9.6 Responsible for the contents of the portal Love Orthodox is the Society Liebe Orthodox, Stiftgasse 15/28, 1070 Vienna, Austria, represented by its managing director.

Disclaimer: Please note that this Term and Condition in English have been translated from the German Version of the legally binding Terms and Condition, under Austrian law.